November 15, 2005

Interview with Angelina Musik, Founder of MOMtrepreneur

Angelina: Where are you originally from and where do you call home with your family?
Nachyelli: I'm originally from Mexico City, and I pretty much grew up there, went to College and all that. My family still lives in Mexico. For a while I consider my home being back there but recently I have become closer to the idea that home is here where my kids where born.

Angelina: What would you define is your passion at this time of your life as a mom of two young children. How old are they?
Nachyelli: There is so much of my life that has changed lately. My kids, 5 year old girl and a 18 month old boy, are the reason why I do most of what I do, the inspire me to go further so I can give them a better future. I have been very blessed by being able to do what I like at the same time that I'm able to spend time with my kids and watch them growing and still make a living out of it. I would say that at this point of my life my kids, my business, and my growth as a women are the most important things on my life.

Angelina: What were some of the struggles or concerns behind starting a business around raising your children?
Nachyelli: The number one concern was definitely the fear of no making enough money to meet the needs of the whole family.

Angelina: Who is your support in encouraging you to pursue your goals?
Nachyelli: I don't know if this is going to sound like a cliché but since I met Angelina she has been a great source of encouragement and definitely contribute to help me believe that making my dreams come true is actually a possibility if I put my mind and heart into it.

Angelina: Do you have any role models that you would like to acknowledge for their direct or indirect contribution to your growth as a young woman and entrepreneur?
Nachyelli: Once again I look at Angelina and all the other women on MOMtrepreneurs and I see women full of dreams and determination to get where they have set their minds on. If anyone has been an influence hasbeen all of those women out there that have accomplish what they set their minds on and overcome all kinds of obstacles that life throws at as sometimes.

Angelina: How did you get started in Jewelry Design?
Nachyelli: It started with the curiosity on how you could make the pieces I usually saw at magazines and stores. Along with that, the need of create a business that I could make money of it and be able to be part of my kids life had a big part on it too.

Angelina: What is your goal in your Jewelry Design Business?
Nachyelli: My goal is to be able to create unique pieces that would make people feel special and one of a kind. I would like to see my name linked to the pieces I create as a guarantee of quality and uniqueness.

Angelina: How did you get started in Children's, Portrait and Product Photography?
Nachyelli: I think since I remember photography has been a passion for me. I was the little girl with the camera. Once I grew up, my creative spirit really took off and once I moved to the States I was finally able to purchase my first real camera. From then I took my first steps on children portraits inspire by my love as a mother of my little girl and her great personality.

Angelina: What is your goal in your Photography Business?
Nachyelli: I want to see myself as a unique photographer with that personal touch that no one else has. I see myself having maybe my own gallery and definitely having an exhibit of my work.
Angelina: Where do you see yourself personally in 5 years? Nachyelli: I see myself as a successful MOMtrepreneur having the time to be an active part of my children's life, as well as having a built reputation as a photographer and designer.

Angelina: What advice would you share with women who are considering starting their own business?
Nachyelli: The one thing I would tell those who are thinking on starting their on business will be that no matter what other people tell you as far as your idea of a business not being possible, what really matters is what you believe. And if you have your mind and your heart set on it and believe it, there is nothing no one can't do. So GO FOR IT!

Angelina: Why did you decide to join MOMtrepreneurs?
Nachyelli: I was referred by a lady I met at my bank while I was opening my personal and business accounts and it really caught my attention. I was very skeptical because of my past experiences with business organizations that were not personal in the way they related to their members. I decided to attend a MOMtrepreneurs luncheon and I was shocked with what I saw! Everybody was so kind. Angelina was particularly genuinely interested on who I was and how to help me make my business dreams come true, that's when I decided to join.

November 14, 2005

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